Fifth Generation

24. Rev John5 Williams (Samuel4, Robert3, Stephen2, Robert1)(4) (#30).

John wrote about the trials and hardships he and his family endured during the massacre and seige of Deerfield in 1704. "Redeemed Captive's Return to Zion". Most of you have a copy of that but I've written some about it in the Williams History Text.

Rev John Williams and Eunice, Mather had the following children:

child 31 i. Eleazer,6 Williams (#39). He m. Mary Hobart.

child 32 ii. Samuel Williams (#40). Samuel was held captive till 1706.

child 33 iii. Esther, Williams (#41). Esther was redeemed by John Shelton May 1705 and later m. Rev. Joseph Meacham.

child + 34 iv. Rev Stephen Williams.

child 35 v. Eliakim Williams (#43).

child 36 vi. Eunice Williams (#44). Eunice was 7 at the time of her captivity. Her story is full of pathos - interesting. She was held by the Maqua of St Louis, they being those Mohawks, converted to Catholicism by the Jesuits and left their kindred and native territory in New York and settled in Canada. She m. an Indian by the name of DeMers at age 16.

child 37 vii. John Williams (#45). He was killed by the Indiansduring the seige of Deerfield.

child 38 viii. Warham Williams (#46). He was captured along with others family members and redeemed 1706. Grad. Harvard with MA in 1722. Minister at Waltham, Mass. M. Abigail Leonard.

child 39 ix. Jemima (Twin) Williams (#47).

child 40 x. Jerusha (Twin) Williams (#48).

child 41 xi. Jerusha Williams (#49). She was killed by the Indians during the seige.

Rev John Williams and Abigail Allen [wid.] Bissell had the following children:

child 42 xii. Abigail Williams (#50).

child 43 xiii. John Williams (#51).

child 44 xiv. Eliakim Williams (#52).

child 45 xv. Elijah, Williams (#53). Grad of Harvard. M. Lydia Dwight 1st - 6 ch..2nd Margaret Pyncheon - 2 ch.. Lived Deerfield.

child 46 xvi. Sarah Williams (#54). Sarah was unm..

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