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Cottrell, Candace Ann (i921) (still alive)
Cottrell, Sue (i922) (still alive)


Favret, Charles Arnold (i414) (still alive)
Favret, David Mark (i916), b.1979-
Favret, Jacklynn Christine (i951) (still alive)
Favret, Jacob Charles (i952) (still alive)
Favret, James Louis, Jr. (i408) (still alive)
Favret, John Michael (i409) (still alive)
Favret, Kyla Marie (i664) (still alive)
Favret, Leah Nicole (i662) (still alive)
Favret, Mariann Patricia (i413) (still alive)
Favret, Mark Edward (i411) (still alive)
Favret, Mary Jocelyn (i410), b.1950-d.1950
Favret, Matthew Joseph (i412) (still alive)
Favret, Michael Galen (i956) (still alive)
Favret, Patrick James (i918) (still alive)
Favret, Peter Aaron (i917) (still alive)
Favret, Tivon Michael (i663) (still alive)


Hanson, Alice Bell (i1050), b.1876-d.1960
Hanson, Charles Burt (i1043), b.1859-d.1900
Hanson, Fred (i1052), b.1889-d.1941
Hanson, James Theodotius (i1041), b.1851-d.1934
Hanson, Miriam (i1042), b.1853-d.1861
Hanson, William E. (i1044), b.1856-d.1890
Hanson, William Henry "Harry" (i1047), b.1880-d.1955


Stroud, Edward Christopher (i925) (still alive)
Stroud, Esther Marie (i924) (still alive)
Stroud, Stephanie Patricia (i923) (still alive)

Two Infants Unnamed,

Two Infants Unnamed,, (i36), b.1680-

Williams [DDS]

Williams [DDS], William Dale (i95), b.1897-d.1972

Williams [Jr]

Williams [Jr], William Dale (i99), b.1919-d.1976


Williams, Abigail (i34), b.1674-d.1765
Williams, Abigail (i50), b.1708-d.1781
Williams, Abigail (i73), b.1773-d.1774
Williams, Alice Roberts (i93), b.1880-d.1933
Williams, Ann Elizabeth (i100) (still alive)
Williams, Anne (i5), b.1606-
Williams, August Davenport (i81), b.1805-d.1894
Williams, Bridgett (i2), b.1565-d.1620
Williams, Charles Albert (i83), b.1811-
Williams, Daniel Ray (i148), b.1939-
Williams, Daniel Ray Jr (i927), b.1969-
Williams, Davenport (i63), b.1731-d.1758
Williams, David Burt (i80), b.1803-
Williams, David James (i928), b.1970-
Williams, Deborah (i32), b.1668-d.1743
Williams, Debra (i16), b.1636-d.1676
Williams, Dwight Peter (i929), b.1972-
Williams, Ebenezer (i31), b.1666-d.1747
Williams, Eleazer, (i39), b.1688-d.1742
Williams, Eliakim (i43), b.1695-d.1696
Williams, Eliakim (i52), b.1711-d.1711
Williams, Eliakim Hall (i69), b.1764-d.1816
Williams, Elijah, (i53), b.1712-d.1771
Williams, Elizabeth (i15), b.1628-
Williams, Elizabeth (i25), b.1655-d.1655
Williams, Elizabeth (i28), b.1660-d.1707
Williams, Ellen H. (i1218), b.1846-
Williams, Esther, (i41), b.1691-d.1751
Williams, Eunice (i44), b.1696-d.1780
Williams, Eunice (i60), b.1723-d.1805
Williams, Francis (i9), b.1621-
Williams, Isaac (i19), b.1638-
Williams, Issac (i74), b.1776-d.1781
Williams, James Burt (i89), b.1847-d.1883
Williams, Jemima (Twin) (i47), b.1701-d.1701
Williams, Jerusha (i49), b.1704-d.1704
Williams, Jerusha (Twin) (i48), b.1701-d.1701
Williams, John (i8), b.1618-
Williams, John (i17), b.1635-
Williams, John (i45), b.1698-d.1704
Williams, John (i51), b.1709-d.1714
Williams, John (i987), b.1720-d.1772
Williams, John Forest (i96), b.1903-d.1903
Williams, Margaret (i11), b.1623-
Williams, Martha (i27), b.1657-d.1661
Williams, Martha (i33), b.1671-d.1751
Williams, Martha (i64), b.1733-
Williams, Mary (i22), b.1644-
Williams, Mary (i71), b.1768-
Williams, Mary (i1038), b.1833-d.1928
Williams, Mary Burt "Polly" (i77), b.1797-
Williams, Mortimer Hall (i84), b.1813-
Williams, Nathan (i68), b.1761-d.1784
Williams, Nathaniel (i989), b.1795-d.1810
Williams, Nicholas (i7), b.1616-
Williams, Parke (i35), b.1677-d.1757
Williams, Rev John (i30), b.1664-d.1729
Williams, Rev Nathan (i65), b.1735-d.1829
Williams, Rev Stephen (i42), b.1693-d.1782
Williams, Robert (i6), b.1607-d.1693
Williams, Robert, [I] (i1), b.1550-d.1609
Williams, Ruth (i72), b.1770-d.1788
Williams, Samuel (i18), b.1632-d.1698
Williams, Samuel (i26), b.1656-d.1735
Williams, Samuel (i40), b.1689-d.1713
Williams, Samuel (i62), b.1729-d.1807
Williams, Sarah (i54), b.1716-d.1736
Williams, Sarah (i1039), b.1836-
Williams, Sarah F. (i1217), b.1841-
Williams, Sophia Mariah (i79), b.1801-d.1892
Williams, Stephen (i3), b.1580-d.1625
Williams, Stephen (i20), b.1640-
Williams, Stephen (i988), b.1722-d.1795
Williams, Theo Roberts (i92), b.1875-d.1967
Williams, Theoda (i29), b.1662-d.1679
Williams, Theodotius Dickerman (i82), b.1808-d.1862
Williams, Thomas (i10), b.1622-
Williams, Thomas (i21), b.1644-
Williams, Vaun Ann (i394), b.1937-
Williams, Warham (i46), b.1699-d.1751
Williams, Warham (i61), b.1726-d.1788
Williams, William (i70), b.1766-d.1849
Williams, William (i78), b.1799-
Williams, William (i1216), b.1839-
Williams, William Henry (i90), b.1853-d.1883
Williams, William Nicol (i931), b.1963-

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