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Brown, Martha (marriage to Greer McIlvaine) (i58), b.1813-d.1880


Clark, Charles (i204), b.1917-
Clark, Charles Dwight (marriage to Fancheon McIlvaine) (i624)
Clark, David (i184), b.1919-


Corrie, Anne (marriage to John McIlvaine) (i2), b.1595-d.1632


Cottrell, Candace (i580), b.1954-d.1999
Cottrell, Sue (i581) (still alive)


Favret, Charles Arnold (i578) (still alive)
Favret, David Mark (i604) (still alive)
Favret, Jacklyn Christine (i609) (still alive)
Favret, Jacob Charles (i610) (still alive)
Favret, James Louis, Jr (i572) (still alive)
Favret, John Michael (i573) (still alive)
Favret, Kyla Marie (i599) (still alive)
Favret, Leah Nicole (i597) (still alive)
Favret, Mariann Patricia (i577) (still alive)
Favret, Mark Edward (i575) (still alive)
Favret, Mary Jocelyn (i574), b.1950-d.1950
Favret, Matthew Joseph (i576) (still alive)
Favret, Michael Galen (i601) (still alive)
Favret, Patrick James (i606) (still alive)
Favret, Peter Aaron (i605) (still alive)
Favret, Tivon Michael (i598) (still alive)


Greer, Mary (marriage to John McIlvaine) (i31)


Hurlburt, Mary Marcella (marriage to Joseph Thomas McIlvaine) (i69), b.1853-d.1936


Jewell, Clifford Hugh (marriage to Mary Marcella Zahn) (i322)
Jewell, Keri Ann (i325), b.1956-
Jewell, Kirk Allen (i323), b.1951-
Jewell, Lynn Marie (i324), b.1953-


Joslin, Roberta (marriage to Arthur Cicero McIlvaine) (i75), b.1874-d.1903


Kock, Bessie (marriage to William Dale Williams Jr) (i563)


McIlvain, Annabelle Lee (i77), b.1893-d.1993
McIlvain, Clarice Marcella (i80), b.1900-d.1984
McIlvain, Maude Merrell (i79), b.1897-d.1966
McIlvain, Samuel (i60), b.1834-


McIlvaine, Agnes (i5), b.1619-
McIlvaine, Alexander (i12), b.1629-d.1719
McIlvaine, Andrew (i15), b.1636-
Mcilvaine, Andrew (i16), b.1669-d.1726
McIlvaine, Andrew (i24), b.1728-
McIlvaine, Andrew (i36), b.1735-d.1770
McIlvaine, Andrew (i37), b.1754-
McIlvaine, Andrew (i650), b.1791-
McIlvaine, Ann E. (i64), b.1842-d.1860
McIlvaine, Anna (i8), b.1638-
McIlvaine, Arthur Cicero (i70), b.1873-d.1956
McIlvaine, Catherine (i32), b.1750-
McIlvaine, Catherine (i52), b.1782-d.1873
McIlvaine, Clay Orville (i72), b.1880-d.1938
Mcilvaine, David (i17)
McIlvaine, David (i27), b.1734-d.1828
McIlvaine, David Greer (i65), b.1844-d.1862
McIlvaine, Eleanor (i54), b.1805-
McIlvaine, Eleanor (i649), b.1756-
McIlvaine, Eleanor (i652), b.1799-d.1800
McIlvaine, Elizabeth (i41), b.1760-
McIlvaine, Elizabeth (i57), b.1784-
McIlvaine, Emily (i68), b.1853-
McIlvaine, Ernest Hadley (i74), b.1889-d.1964
McIlvaine, Fancheon (i78), b.1895-d.1967
McIlvaine, Frances (i30), b.1740-
McIlvaine, George (i21), b.1707-d.1748
McIlvaine, George (i33), b.1760-
McIlvaine, George (i49), b.1793-
McIlvaine, George (marriage to Ruth McIlvaine) (i33), b.1760-
McIlvaine, George W. (i59), b.1832-d.1862
McIlvaine, Gilbert (i10), b.1625-
McIlvaine, Greer (i34), b.1757-d.1845
McIlvaine, Greer (i51), b.1810-d.1871
McIlvaine, Greer (i651), b.1797-d.1798
McIlvaine, Hannah (i45), b.1768-
McIlvaine, Helein (i6), b.1621-
McIlvaine, James (i18), b.1701-d.1754
McIlvaine, James (i25), b.1730-d.1787
McIlvaine, James (i42), b.1762-
McIlvaine, John (i1), b.1595-d.1650
McIlvaine, John (i14), b.1640-
McIlvaine, John (i19), b.1693-
McIlvaine, John (i26), b.1732-d.1789
McIlvaine, John (i48), b.1788-d.1880
McIlvaine, John Franklin (i63), b.1839-
McIlvaine, Johney Burr (i71), b.1874-d.1953
Mcilvaine, Joseph (i35), b.1730-d.1822
McIlvaine, Joseph (i646)
McIlvaine, Joseph Dwight (i73), b.1885-d.1966
McIlvaine, Joseph Thomas (i66), b.1846-d.1930
McIlvaine, Julianna (i9), b.1640-
McIlvaine, Mareonne (i7), b.1623-
McIlvaine, Margaret (i4), b.1615-
McIlvaine, Margaret (i62), b.1836-
Mcilvaine, Martha (i20), b.1695-
McIlvaine, Mary (i29), b.1738-
McIlvaine, Mary (i56), b.1780-d.1836
McIlvaine, Mary (i645)
McIlvaine, Nancy (i67), b.1849-
McIlvaine, Nathaniel (i61), b.1835-
McIlvaine, Prudence (i28), b.1736-
McIlvaine, Prudence (i43), b.1764-
McIlvaine, Quentin (i13), b.1630-
McIlvaine, Richard (i11), b.1627-
McIlvaine, Robert (i23), b.1724-
McIlvaine, Robert (i39), b.1765-
McIlvaine, Robert (i628), b.1795-d.1864
McIlvaine, Ruth (i44), b.1766-
McIlvaine, Ruth (i53), b.1786-
McIlvaine, Ruth (marriage to George McIlvaine) (i44), b.1766-
Mcilvaine, Thomas (i46), b.1770-
McIlvaine, William (i40), b.1758-


Mickey, Martha (marriage to Andrew Mcilvaine) (i648)
Mickey, Mary (marriage to Andrew McIlvaine) (i47)


Mills, Frances (marriage to James McIlvaine) (i22), b.1699-d.1773


Schaw, Julianna (marriage to John McIlvaine) (i3), b.1600-


Sr., -Charles Clark, (marriage to Fancheon McIlvaine) (i746)


Stroud, Edward C. (i586) (still alive)
Stroud, Esther M. (i585) (still alive)
Stroud, Stephanie (i584) (still alive)


Thompson, Margaret (marriage to George McIlvaine) (i776)
Thompson, Margaret (marriage to George McIlvaine) (i777)


Williams, Ann Elizabeth (i390) (still alive)
Williams, Daniel (i589) (still alive)
Williams, Daniel Ray (i565) (still alive)
Williams, David J. (i590) (still alive)
Williams, Dwight (i591) (still alive)
Williams, Vaun Ann (i564), b.1937-
Williams, William Dale, DDS (marriage to Maude Merrell McIlvain) (i557), b.1897-d.1972
Williams, William Dale, Jr (i389), b.1919-d.1976
Williams, William Nicol (i567) (still alive)


Wright, Arnold Montgomery (marriage to Maude Merrell McIlvain) (i560), b.1897-d.1982


Zahn, Carolyn (i55), b.1924-
Zahn, Catherine Alkire (i212), b.1925-
Zahn, Charles Edwin (marriage to Fancheon McIlvaine) (i317), b.1897-d.1987
Zahn, Clarice Edwina (i321), b.1932-
Zahn, Mary Marcella (i320), b.1927-

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